Collectively, we have the resources for you to reach your goals.  We have proven methods to turn your vision into reality, and to reach your God given destiny.  We offer music coaching services, full music recording services, and we are generally available to be booked for your event.  We are always happy to answer your questions, and assist in accommodating your requests.

Hours of operation are Monday - Friday; 10am - 3 pm (in person, by appointment only).  Consultations available after 4 pm.  Availability to serve you may vary between affiliates, and individual Members of Chosen Productions (Producers, Musicians, Artists).  Phone and email are preferred as initial contact methods.  Rates are usually flexible to accommodate your budget.  Get yourself to the next level, and beyond!  Contact us today  -

The Original... Chosen Productions "Music Excellence."


"As his business and personal coach for 3 years, I've seen Dave Slater bring his entertainment

coaching business into reality with genuine passionate care for his Members, clients, colleagues,
suppliers - everyone in his growing network - and do it with next to zero financial resources.
If you want an inspiring coach to help you mix with the right crowd, pick Dave.  He's been there."

Dave Day BA, CMF(M) (April, 2012) 

"Whenever I connect with Chosen Productions it's always an uplifting and encouraging experience.

I love the founder, David.  Keep up the good work!"

Alex Dean Spark, Recording Artist (November, 2019)